Winter Basket


How do the Winter Baskets Work?

Les paniers hiv­er sont con­sti­tués de 12 livraisons sur 24 semaines. La livrai­son a lieu toutes les deux semaines, cela sig­ni­fie moins de semaines à braver les élé­ments pour vos légumes ! Cela sig­ni­fie égale­ment que les paniers sont un peu plus grands que les paniers d’été afin que vous ayez suff­isam­ment de légumes pour vous nour­rir jusqu’à votre prochain panier.

Dur­ing the drop off we put all of our veg­gies out and you will be giv­en a weight, for exam­ple 11 pounds. This means you can choose what you would like and weigh out up to 11 pounds of what­ev­er. We like to call it the ”choose your own adven­ture” style of bas­ket. Obvi­ous­ly the greens and frozen things are not includ­ed but most oth­er veg­gies and the apples are.

Here is an exam­ple of the bas­kets dur­ing the season

Décem­bre : pak choï ou roquette,  chou frisé, épinards, 9 lb de légumes d’hiver de votre choix (racines, oignons, chou, pommes, courge, etc.)

Févri­er : Épinards, pouss­es de tour­nesol, 10 lb de légumes d’hiver de votre choix

April: Mesclun let­tuce mix, arugu­la or mizu­na, sum­mer radish, frozen dill or toma­toes, 9 lbs of win­ter veg of your choosing

Delivery points

*Win­ter bas­kets are only avail­able to drop off points on the south shore*

  • Orm­stown: Wednes­days from 3:30pm to 5:30pm (I can make you a bas­ket and leave it in the cold room if you can­not make it dur­ing this time). Place: The farm, 1150 rang des botreaux in the root cel­lar (where the garage door is to the right of the barn)
  • Chateau­guay: Tues­days from 5pm to 6:30pm. Place: Les Bouchées d’Ang­ie (the old Chopiner­ie) 65 Rue Prin­ci­pale, Châteauguay.
  • La Prairie: Tues­days from 5:30pm to 7pm. Place: QG. Du Vieux La Prairie 206 Rue Sainte-Marie, La Prairie

If you have any ques­tions feel free to email Jess at

What is in the Winter Baskets

There are plen­ty of won­der­ful veg­gies to eat in the winter!

Here is a list of what you can expect to find in the win­ter baskets:

Oth­er hardy greens
Cab­bage (red and green!)
Daikon radish
Sweet pota­toes
and more!


The win­ter bas­kets are a bit big­ger so they cost a bit more than the sum­mer bas­kets. here is the cost breakdown:

40$/week * 12 weeks = 480$

+ 20.70$ (reseau de fer­mi­er de familles fees) = 500.70$

*These fees are waived if you are already a mem­ber of the RFF from a sum­mer bas­ket subscription.