Other Products


We offer various products from the hive according to the season. All of our products are handmade and in compliance with a sanitary control that is respectful of bees. We do not use any veterinary products forbidden by organic beekeeping standards and prefer rustic bees resistant to parasites and diseases.

The honey we produce is unheated and potted after extraction in order to preserve its characteristics and aromas. Spring honey comes from apple blossoms and wildflowers from the farm's woodland. Our summer honey has an aroma of linden which tends to dominate, although the clover is also strong. In the autumn the golden rod and the buckwheat give our honey more pronounced flavors and amber and golden tints.

Occasionally, the cooperative has wax, candles, propolis and nuclei (hive with colonies of 3 frames of bees and brood, a laying queen and a food frame) for sale. For these products, please contact us directly. Note that the products of the hive are available at the drop-off points of the baskets. Nuclei can only be purchased locally (on-farm).


We also produce eggs. Our chickens are free to roam around and enjoy a diet of organic feed, wild greens, garden scraps as well as all the bugs they can scratch up out of the field. Our eggs are available for sale at the farm and at all of our CSA drop off points.