The Farmers

Olivier has been farming for over 10 years. He was one of the founding members of the Coop in 2009. Olivier manages different vegetables witch includes: carrots, cucumbers, squashes, garlics, onions and spinaches and many more. He also takes care of the CSA subscriptions, organic Certification and the irrigation. Olivier loves brocoli and fresh carrots.

Jess has been on the farm since 2010. She manages the stinky vegetables (the brassicas) as well as the solanaceous crops (tomatoes, peppers, egg plants, ground cherries, hot peppers, and potatoes). She is responisble for planning what will be in the baskets every week and where they will go in the field. She also likes to dabble in mechanics. Jess adores fresh carrots and has a serious weakness for summer cabbage saurkraut.