Community Supported Vegetable Baskets

Organic vegetable basket program.

(photo: All of the baskets from 2014. Credit: Ezra Winton)

Find out more about our new solidarity basket program

We distribute our vegetables through weekly or bi-weekly baskets.
The subscription is for the entire distribution period which runs for 24 weeks between the begining of Jun to mid-November . These baskets include a mix of vegetables along with some fresh herbs and fruits according to the time of season. To see the 50 different varieties of vegetable that we grow click here: Basket Contents

How Does It Work?

You start by signing up for the entire season by filling out our online sign-up form and paying. You may pay in one, two or three installments. For more info on cost and payment click here: Cost. You will receive a confirmation e-mail and be signed up for our weekly news letter . This newsletter will inform you of what the baskets contents that week, general news from the farm, upcoming events and usually there is a recipe. You should start receving the news lettre my the end of may.

Once signed up you will be asked to create an online account with us. Through this account you will be able to see your account balance, your pick-up days and you will be able to move baskets to a later date or different drop off point. For more infomation on the online account click here: Your online account

We deliver vegetables to the same drop-off points at the same time every week for 24 weeks. Your job is to show up and get your vegetables every week at the same time and same place for 24 weeks. If you are going to miss a basket that's no problem at all. Click here for more info on vacations and missed baskets

Advantages of CSA baskets for the consumer:

  • Super fresh produce! (harvested the same day as delivery)
  • Knowing where your food is coming from and that it is produced organically and ecologically
  • Supporting a local business. All your money goes directly to the farmers and their families
  • Often cheaper then the grocery stores and markets.
  • Trying new and exciting vegetables!
  • Access to farm events.

Advantages for the Farmers

  • Financial security at the beginning of the season.
  • Less waste and the ability to plan precisely for the season.
  • A close relationship with our customers.